On Tinkering

Caterina Fake (my hero) has extracted a video from John Seely Brown (my hero) about Tinkering.  He extrapolates a one-room school house where students learn from building things, next to each other.   ”Does this thing that I built work? If it does not, how can I make it work, how can I make it work better?”

One of my first attractions to online learning was Martin Dougiamas’ (my hero) name derivation of Moodle: stemmed from Musing and Doodling (yes, it also means Martin’s [later, Modular] Object-Oriented Digital Learning Environment).   In 1938, Brenda Ueland wrote: “So you see, imagination needs moodling, -long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering.”

Some of Brown’s highlights: digital tools may allow us to tinker/mashup across boundaries. But we still need rooms where we expect ourselves to create/tinker/doodle towards knowledge and community.

I went to high school at an Arts Academy, where we moved with friends from music studio to art studio to writing lab to the theater, etc..  In each of these places, people were practicing, doodling, critiquing and building on ideas we learned from each other.

It doesn’t happy every day that your favorite ideas come together in a blog post or video…