Wedding Anniversary Math

Faith and Tom by numbers:
20 years ago Faith and I were married in Duck, NC under the auspices of Sheriff Eugene McLawhorn, who doubled as a baritone in the brass choir consisting of his 4 deputies.
30 years ago Faith moved to Interlochen half-way through our freshman year and I imprinted on her like a Konrad Lorenz duck.
I went to 3 of the 3 performances of 12 Angry Jurors that she starred in at school.
We have lived in 12 different houses/apartments together since we have been married.
We have hosted a total of about 6 houseguests during that time.
We have owned 3 hamsters. 2 fish. And we co-own 1 tarantula named Rapunzel with Grandma Anne.
We never dated and lived in the same state until we were married.
Faith broke up with me 2 or 3 times in college because I’m kind of a jerk.
I sent about 12 postcards to Faith about how I must be her great love during the time she was dating other men in other cities.
Charlie Shaw and John Hazard helped me revise the last (and most effective) of my “I must be your great love” letters by cleverly changing around the pronouns.
We were married at age 24 which was pretty early within our group of friends.
A bunch of our friends spent more money and time than they could afford getting to our outerbanks wedding.
I had 3 best men: Rusty, Dan, and Ben. Duke was still in Russia.
Ben drank 2 bottles of Pepto-Bismol before the ceremony because we gave him a speaking part and it made him nauseous.
Ben seated Matthew and Diana next to Dewey for the ceremony because he didn’t know that Diana and Dewey used to date and the 2 really hoped to avoid each other.
I kicked our lame wedding DJ out of his booth and Dan took over with 6 James Brown CDs.
All of our family and friends are great dancers.
Faith’s sister, Dana, danced with 1 large stuffed frog named, Omar.
Faith’s 88 year old great-grandma (Maw-maw) attended the wedding and discussed gas with my grandma (Myrth).
Faith and I opened 0 of our wedding presents because they were stolen out of a truck in a Connecticut parking lot.
Court shipped us 1 beautiful big ceramic wedding plate from Italy which I hung on the wall in our tiny cabin, then accidentally smashed into 3,245 pieces while drunkenly backing into it.
Matthew and Diana flew us out to Wyoming for our Honeymoon (we had just seen Legends of the Fall) which we timed badly because Yellowstone was closed for those 7 days.
Faith has published 4 books of excellent poems (new one is coming out).
We have 1 daughter who we are insanely proud of knowing.
We live on a mountain in a house with about 25 windows.
We have 1 dog that is technically more like a cat and who is named Turtle.
Happy October 23, Faith! Love you!